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empowering and inspiring foster youth in college


Ty B. (UC Davis) and her sister Berjette (CSU Sacramento)

Who We Are: A California nonprofit that works with former foster youth to help them successfully navigate college and transition into the work force and adulthood. 
Who We Work With: Students from UC Davis, CSU Sacramento and local community colleges.
How We Help: Financial support via scholarships which require students to meet specific criteria: college enrollment, community service, and literary expectations. We work to leverage our professional network to facilitate internships and job opportunities so that our students are prepared for success in today’s competitive work force.
Our Mission:

 To support, empower, and inspire 

former foster youth college students to strive for a brighter future.



Sophie L

UC Davis

FSS always surprises me with how robust their programs are!

Vanessa E

CSU Sacramento

FSS has been with me through it all: college, graduation, first internship, first full-time job.

Vance D

UC Davis

FSS provides resources that are hard to attain after graduation, such as therapy. They're awesome like that.

College Graduation Rates

Former foster youth in college persist in the face of numerous barriers to academic and professional success. FSS works to remove social barriers by providing our students with robust networking and to remove financial barriers by providing direct assistance.

We are humbled that 90% of our students graduate from college, compared to 3% nationally.


success &


We Foster Students' Success...

By facilitating opportunities and experiences to ensure social and professional success. Students are matched with program advocates to help them focus on the necessary steps to successfully navigate and graduate from college and launch promising careers.

... & Students' Significance

By nurturing their leadership skills so they can serve and positively influence the foster youth and greater community. Our students are uniquely qualified to speak to at-risk youth about the challenges of growing up in a difficult environment. Their messages of hope, determination, fortitude, resiliency and passion are what make our students Significant.

fostering success & Significance

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