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Supporting, empowering and inspiring former foster youth in college and beyond.

about us

Fostering Success & Significance is a nonprofit organization founded over 10 years ago to support, empower and inspire former foster individuals and transition-age youth (TAY) in college and beyond in Northern California. Through establishing long-term relationships, removing financial and social barriers, and providing opportunities and services, we hope to contribute to the lasting personal and professional success of our students.

Husband and wife Doug and Robin Barnett founded Fostering Success & Significance in 2008 with the aim of providing mentorship and services otherwise unavailable to former foster students in college, either through other organizations or programs at their schools. To date, we’ve helped students at UC Davis, CSU Sacramento and local community colleges and, with support, we hope to branch out to other campuses in the future.  

Although 84% of foster youth teens express a desire to go to college, less than 10 percent of foster youth nationwide attend college and less than 3 percent earn a four-year degree. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate of California youth upon exiting the foster care system can be as high as 85 percent.

FSS matches students with successful adult mentors who can offer insight on career paths and advice on potential personal challenges. Students are required to participate in community service and maintain a high GPA. In addition to providing direct financial assistance, FSS also pays for life coaching and psychotherapy services.


Through Advocates

We carefully match students with our program Advocates to ensure social and professional success. Our Advocates work closely with students to help them focus on the necessary steps to successfully navigate and graduate from college and launch promising careers.

Through Financial Assistance

We help students with scholarships to help ease their financial stress with college costs. To receive financial assistance students are required to read award-winning self-development books which model success through excellence, discipline, healthy relationships, and financial triumph.

Through Providing a Professional Network

We help prepare students for success in today's competitive workforce by leveraging our Advocates' professional network to help facilitate internship/job opportunities.


Through Facilitating Opportunities to Serve Others. By nurturing students' leadership skills so they can serve and positively influence the foster youth and greater community. We connect our students to foster care group homes where they provide messages of hope by speaking about their challenges growing up in difficult environments and overcoming them to attend college. Our students are uniquely qualified to speak to at-risk youth. Their messages of hope, determination, fortitude, resiliency and passion are what make our students Significant.

fostering success & Significance

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